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TV Lily Fever

Lily Fever

The story revolves around the budding relationship between Kim Kyung Ju and Jang Se Rang who meet when ...

2015 Play
TV Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don’t Date Him

“Please Don’t Meet Him” is about a woman named Seo Ji Sung who wants to fall in love but also avoid the ...

2020 Play
TV Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

A wingless fairy awaits the reincarnation of her former husband to try to locate her lost wings and ...

2018 Play
TV Vampire Detective

Vampire Detective

Private detective Yoon San gets turned into a vampire one day while he was out on a duty. As he meets ...

2016 Play
TV Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo

Story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jung-Suk and ...

2016 Play
TV Mackerel Run

Mackerel Run

Cha Gong-chan was able to enter the top private high school in the affluent Gangnam District, Myoung-mun ...

2007 Play
TV Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Son Ji Eun moves to a small city due to her husband's new job as a civil servant. She works part-time at ...

2019 Play
TV The Princess’ Man

The Princess’ Man

The Princess' Man is a 2011 South Korean television series, starring Park Si-hoo, Moon Chae-won, Kim ...

2011 Play
TV That Winter, the Wind Blows

That Winter, the Wind Blows

Circumstances condemn Oh Soo and Oh Young to loveless lives. After the untimely death of his first love, ...

2013 Play
TV Bad and Crazy

Bad and Crazy

A superhero drama about Soo Yeol who has lived his whole life as a materialistic police detective, but ...

2021 Play
TV You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin

You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin

The drama 'You Are The Best' transfers the message of consolation, hope and healing to those of us ...

2013 Play
TV Golden Rainbow

Golden Rainbow

A drama about seven siblings, all of them are orphans and not blood-related, love each other more than ...

2013 Play
TV 예썰의 전당

예썰의 전당

2022 Play
TV Item


A profiler and a prosecutor must uncover the hidden secrets surrounding unique items with supernatural ...

2019 Play
TV Where Your Eyes Linger

Where Your Eyes Linger

Meet Han Tae Joo, the 18 year-old student and successor to the TB Group. Blessed with a wealthy family, ...

2020 Play
TV Welcome to Wedding Hell

Welcome to Wedding Hell

A relatable romance drama about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. While they were expecting a ...

2022 Play
TV Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer

Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer

2022 Play
TV The Queen of Office

The Queen of Office

Temporary employee Ms. Kim is a remarkable woman. She possesses highly advanced skills in seemingly all ...

2013 Play
TV Sweet Savage Family

Sweet Savage Family

In a comedic blend of mayhem and domesticity, Yoon Tae Soo takes up not one, but two high-stakes roles: ...

2015 Play
TV Mystic Pop-up Bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar

At this mysterious late-night food cart run by an equally mysterious woman and her part-timer, customers ...

2020 Play
TV My Romantic Some Recipe

My Romantic Some Recipe

A 21-years-old college student who as one-sided love for a customer at a shop and she meets an Idol star.

2016 Play
TV Cheat On Me, If You Can

Cheat On Me, If You Can

Kang Yeo-joo is a best-selling writer. She only writes crime stories, dealing with cruel murder cases. ...

2020 Play
TV I Do, I Do

I Do, I Do

I Do, I Do is a 2012 South Korean romantic-comedy television series, starring Kim Sun-a, Lee Jang-woo, ...

2012 Play
TV Seoul Check-in

Seoul Check-in

Lee Hyori who lives in Jeju Island makes a visit to Seoul every week. Meeting up different friends and ...

2022 Play