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TV Worst Roommate Ever

Worst Roommate Ever

Violent con artists. Stone-cold killers. These terrifying true stories unveil some of the worst ...

2022 Play
TV Cleverman


In the near future, creatures from ancient Aboriginal mythology endowed with extraordinary physical ...

2016 Play
TV The Murdoch Mysteries

The Murdoch Mysteries

In 1890s Canada, a police inspector applies the latest scientific methods of deduction, much to the ...

2004 Play
TV The Detail

The Detail

Three fiercely talented female homicide investigators work tirelessly to solve crimes while navigating ...

2018 Play
TV A Confession

A Confession

The story of how Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher deliberately breached police procedure and ...

2019 Play
TV Bad Genius: The Series

Bad Genius: The Series

What started from exam cheating in the classroom escalated to stealing a national test paper. These are ...

2020 Play
TV The Business of Drugs

The Business of Drugs

To detail how drugs push people into risky — even deadly — behaviors, a former CIA analyst investigates ...

2020 Play
TV Smeris


2014 Play
TV The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The documentary takes a detailed look at the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann, who vanished ...

2019 Play
TV Wisdom of the Crowd

Wisdom of the Crowd

A tech innovator creates a cutting-edge crowd-sourcing hub to solve his own daughter's murder, as well as ...

2017 Play
TV Racket Squad

Racket Squad

Racket Squad is an American TV crime drama series starring Reed Hadley as Captain John Braddock, a ...

1951 Play
TV The Last Don II

The Last Don II

As the elder don dies, his young heir moves into the position. He quickly proves to be as ruthless as he ...

1998 Play
TV The Bull Of Dalal Street

The Bull Of Dalal Street

Story of "Harshal Mehra" who gambles away his entire fortune in the share market. With his iniquitous ...

2020 Play
TV Dark Lake (Lac-Noir)

Dark Lake (Lac-Noir)

City cop Valerie, 42, transfers with her son Dave, 17, to Lac-Noir, a serene secluded village in the ...

2022 Play
TV Forensic Heroes

Forensic Heroes

Follows a group of Hong Kong forensic scientists working together with the Hong Kong police to solve ...

2006 Play
TV In the Storm

In the Storm

2022 Play
TV Melissa


Award-winning war correspondent Guy Foster, distraught after the loss of his first wife, joins a cruise ...

1997 Play
TV Bad and Crazy

Bad and Crazy

A superhero drama about Soo Yeol who has lived his whole life as a materialistic police detective, but ...

2021 Play
TV Murder with a View

Murder with a View

Mord mit Aussicht is a German satirical crime comedy television series, produced by ARD, following the ...

2008 Play
TV Touching Evil

Touching Evil

Returning from a year-long psychological leave of absence after surviving an almost-fatal gunshot wound ...

2004 Play
TV A Touch of Cloth

A Touch of Cloth

Hannah plays DI Jack Cloth, who is called in to investigate an apparent series of serial killings ...

2012 Play
TV Item


A profiler and a prosecutor must uncover the hidden secrets surrounding unique items with supernatural ...

2019 Play
TV #TextMeWhenYouGetHome


Each individual episode follows a case of an innocent woman who's been harmed, killed, or abducted by ...

2022 Play
TV Pregau


A policeman gets into a spiral of events, in which assault, extortion and murder are proven means.

2016 Play