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TV Panchayat


Panchayat is a comedy-drama, which captures the journey of an engineering graduate Abhishek, who for lack ...

2020 Play
TV Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don’t Date Him

“Please Don’t Meet Him” is about a woman named Seo Ji Sung who wants to fall in love but also avoid the ...

2020 Play
TV Disney Insider

Disney Insider

Peel back the curtain of The Walt Disney Company like never before. Tune in each week and go behind the ...

2020 Play
TV Bad Genius: The Series

Bad Genius: The Series

What started from exam cheating in the classroom escalated to stealing a national test paper. These are ...

2020 Play
TV The Business of Drugs

The Business of Drugs

To detail how drugs push people into risky — even deadly — behaviors, a former CIA analyst investigates ...

2020 Play
TV My Unicorn Girl

My Unicorn Girl

Sang Tian is an aspiring figure skater. On the day she turns 18, she vows to her family that she will be ...

2020 Play
TV The Bull Of Dalal Street

The Bull Of Dalal Street

Story of "Harshal Mehra" who gambles away his entire fortune in the share market. With his iniquitous ...

2020 Play
TV Bravas


BRAVAS is a new eight episode drama series inspired by Latin urban music that follows three friends, ...

2020 Play
TV Cursed Films

Cursed Films

A documentary series exploring the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” ...

2020 Play
TV I’ll Do Better Next Life

I’ll Do Better Next Life

Omori Momoe is twenty-seven-years-old, single and works at Studio Delta. She is thin and attractive. She ...

2020 Play
TV The Underclass

The Underclass

After getting dropped from an elite program, a student gets tangled in the affairs of a high school gang ...

2020 Play
TV Accused: Guilty or Innocent?

Accused: Guilty or Innocent?

An intimate account of what happens when someone is formally charged with a crime and sent to trial – all ...

2020 Play
TV Miss S

Miss S

Set in the Shanghai Bund in the 1940s, it revolves around a female detective who solve multiple cases.

2020 Play
TV Inside Pixar

Inside Pixar

This documentary series of personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look into the people, ...

2020 Play
TV Run For Your Lives

Run For Your Lives

In this romantic comedy, life links together the fate of three completely different women, after ...

2020 Play
TV Where Your Eyes Linger

Where Your Eyes Linger

Meet Han Tae Joo, the 18 year-old student and successor to the TB Group. Blessed with a wealthy family, ...

2020 Play
TV Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum!

Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum!

The year is 1993. 14-year-old Alex Ryabinin lives a normal teenage life - looking for adventure, trying ...

2020 Play
TV A Paragon of Wuhun

A Paragon of Wuhun

In the continent of Longmai, thousands of clans stand tall, countless sects exist, and cultivation is the ...

2020 Play
TV Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

A psychiatrist moves with her family from California to her husband’s hometown in Mississippi only to ...

2020 Play
TV One Lane Bridge

One Lane Bridge

During a murder investigation in Queenstown, an ambitious young detective reawakens a spiritual gift that ...

2020 Play
TV Closer to You

Closer to You

A surgeon suddenly returns to eighteen years ago and meets his classmate Han Fei, and helps her put down ...

2020 Play
TV Mystic Pop-up Bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar

At this mysterious late-night food cart run by an equally mysterious woman and her part-timer, customers ...

2020 Play
TV Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges

Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges

In each episode, the best bladesmiths from all over the country come to the forge for a ...

2020 Play
TV Riti Riwaj

Riti Riwaj

While Rural India is still suffering with shortage of Water, men are marrying multiples times to be able ...

2020 Play