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TV Kill for Love

Kill for Love

2020 Play
TV More than Blue: The Series

More than Blue: The Series

A man with a terminal illness seeks to help his beloved find a long-term partner.

2021 Play
TV The World Between Us

The World Between Us

A ten-part hour-long series that follows the aftermath of a mass-shooting where all parties involved - ...

2019 Play
TV The Victims’ Game

The Victims’ Game

After discovering his estranged daughter's link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with ...

2020 Play
TV Heaven on the 4th Floor

Heaven on the 4th Floor

Heaven a private massage club hidden on the fourth floor of an old apartment; here, the tuina teacher's ...

2021 Play
TV Lesson in Love

Lesson in Love

New female teacher became a target of a trouble making gifted student's bullying. But their ...

2022 Play
TV The Devil Punisher

The Devil Punisher

A baker by day and demon fighter by night, Zhong Kui, a reincarnated deity must jog his amnesiac lover's ...

2020 Play
TV The Fierce Wife

The Fierce Wife

Beautiful housewife Xie An Zhen seems to be living the perfect life but finds her world crumbling after ...

2010 Play
TV HIStory5


2022 Play
TV Angel ‘N’ Devil

Angel ‘N’ Devil

A group of high school girls is Copper Dimension's last defense against the dark forces. They signed a ...

2014 Play
TV Princess Huai-yu

Princess Huai-yu

2000 Play
TV Shards of Her

Shards of Her

Waking up from a coma, an accomplished headhunter finds herself in an alternate reality where she has to ...

2022 Play
TV On Marriage

On Marriage

2022 Play
TV Taiwan Crime Stories

Taiwan Crime Stories

Anthology crime television series inspired by four real-life cold cases in Taiwan, exploring themes such ...

2023 Play
TV Kangsi Coming

Kangsi Coming

KangXi Lai Le is a Taiwanese variety-comedy talk show hosted by variety show veterans Dee Hsu and Kevin ...

2004 Play
New Golden Lotus V

New Golden Lotus V

1996 Play
TV Golden Horse Awards

Golden Horse Awards

1962 Play
TV Small & Mighty

Small & Mighty

Light-hearted legal drama series “Small & Mighty” featuring Chen Bo-Lin and Puff Kuo, and directed by Xu ...

2022 Play
TV Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You is a 2005 Taiwanese drama starring Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. It is based on ...

2005 Play
TV Love Is Science?

Love Is Science?

Yan Fei is the CEO of the Love Science Marriage Agency. She uses Big Data to help countless singles find ...

2021 Play
TV HIStory


HIStory (pronounced "his story") is a Taiwanese streaming drama anthology series created by Ting Fei ...

2017 Play
TV Attention, Love!

Attention, Love!

A boy and a girl were destined to be together since birth. A long time ago, two best friends each had a ...

2017 Play
TV Red Balloon

Red Balloon

Chen is a serious top student in school, both in studies and sports. He thought everything will be ...

2017 Play
TV Before We Get Married

Before We Get Married

Zhou Wei Wei is about to marry her successful, devoted fiancé. And Chu Ke Huan is also planning to tie ...

2019 Play